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by Melissa Kenny

Inclusivity, adaptability. Two important tenets of a modern brand with integrity.

But do those tenets extend to pleasure toys? Do you care?

If yes—we cordially pronounce We-Vibe the best addition to your sock drawer. Now, come along as we corroborate that lofty claim.

Principally, there’s a conduit to Canada-based We-Vibe’s inclusivity and accessibility, and that conduit is technology. In fact, the brand resides at a murky juncture between tech and sex products. However, unlike most of its peers, it skews powerfully toward the former.

The reason is this: We-Vibe is well-fed on a diet of enduring research (the company is more than 10 years old), customer insights, laboured testing, retesting, and re-re-testing. There is a lot of testing. The founders of We-Vibe also happen to be a couple; no doubt propelling their measured and peripheral approach to both solo and partnered pleasure.

Let’s talk about two of their best toys.

Touch II: The Clitoral Mini-Vibe
Got a needy clit? Be there for it. The Touch II is here to help. While being whisper-quiet, she does things that are ordinarily very loud: like delivering deep, powerful, rumbly vibrations across eight seductive settings. Some are cute and murmur-y, others much more pronounced. Some are rollercoaster-y, others like being pummelled by a freight train, without any of the danger. It’s up to you!

Her shape is important. Iconic, even. A little like a stretched-out egg that’s been pinched in the middle, Touch II is perfectly sculpted to fit in the palm of your hand. She’s made of silky silicone and features a gently pointed tip for extra special stimulation for #1 (your clit).

Welcome to the stage your most adaptable pleasure protagonist.

Match: The Couples Vibrator
In a heterosexual relationship? Hope it’s going well! Could it be better, though? Spicier at least? Enter the We-Vibe Match for your consideration.

I wouldn’t normally start with the colour, but let’s start with the colour: it’s a delightful blue, and it’s called Periwinkle.

Match has a compact, body-hugging form that’s designed to deliver simultaneous pleasure to the G‑spot and the clitoris while a partner enters you at the very same time. Extra vibrations for all parties! Tell me you and boo aren’t interested in trying that and I’ll react with genuine amazement.

Match's remote offers 10 vibration modes, ranging from Low to High; Pulse to Echo. Blue Crush fans may enjoy Tide, Wave, or Surf, each an iteration of alternating lows and highs. There’s also a remote, which allows you or your partner to dictate the various intensities and vibration modes.

And that’s how to make inclusivity fit with pleasure toys.

We-Vibe will be showcasing a range of its intuitive products at an exclusive Par Femme pop-up: Connected Pleasure. This immersive two-day experience encourages a tactile exploration of all our products. 262 Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst, Friday November 30 and Saturday December 1, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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