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by Tabitha Laffernis

Note: The writer of this article is a cisgender, heterosexual woman who can't speak to other experiences. Regardless of your gender or sexual identity, be safe, get to know your pleasures, pains and boundaries, and be respectful to yourself and others!

If you’re sweating for vibes that register on the Richter scale, then boy is the Volta for you.

This is an external toy for those who like it fast and furious. It’s a sophisticated build, too. Consider the handle: a rounded bulb hollowed out to slide two fingers in, anchoring it exactly where you need it. It curves into the silicone body—smooth with a fleshy give that’s gentle on your sensitive bits. But instead of ending in a classic wand shape or forking into rabbit ears, it fans out into two lips. These aren’t the flutters of eskimo kisses or butterfly wings, they’re genuinely and decidedly feisty.

On the lowest setting (and with a healthy slick of lube), this has shadows of a tongue flickering confidently on my clit. The Volta could be a saving grace for partners prone to sore jaws. But, ladies, let’s be real—if they’re complaining, get them to chew some gum, strengthen those tongue muscles and get back down there.

Anything above the lowest setting, though, and I—most definitely not a power queen—need to rotate it on its side. The handle and settings are key here, enabling swift movements that don’t get in the way of orgasms, easily revving up and down through six different speeds and six different rhythms. The flickering tips are especially exciting along my nipples, and even more fun to explore someone else’s body. Plus, if internal stimulation is the method through which you get your rocks off, the Volta is up to the task—even if that’s not strictly what it’s designed for.

But, let’s not forget that often good things come in small packages. That’s where the Volta’s mini-me comes into play. The Volita is a pocket rocket that delivers targeted stimulation without the washing-machine fizz that too often plagues external toys. A gutsy motor does the trick here.

Unlike its big sister, there’s only one setting, but teamed with the size and the gentle tips, this makes it a more accessible toy than the Volta. My own orgasms are more consistent with the Volita, but of course, your mileage may vary. It’s also super handy during partnered sex and doesn’t get in the way of whatever your lucky bedroom friend is doing to you. They’ll enjoy it, too.

Price point is a factor here too, because why should a paltry paycheck get in the way of pleasure? The Volita rings in at $65 AUD, and it’s a great travel buddy. It’s also a great gift, and frankly, if you’re not helping your friends have more orgasms, why do they keep you around?

Whatever your choice, make sure to hang a DANGER! HIGH VOLTAGE sign on your door. You’ll thank me later.

And, now for the TL;DR...

  • The Volta: Powerful rumbles, fast stimulation and imaginative pulse patterns. And it has a travel lock feature!
  • The Volita: Perfect for those gentle strokes that still deliver lightning bolts.
  • The Volita takes one AA battery - get ready to change channels manually.
  • The Volta recharges with a magnetic USB that hovers off the end ever so delicately, the blinking lights the only indication that it’s charging. One illuminated button means it’s ⅓ charged, two means ⅔, three means it’s at a full charge that lasts up to 180 minutes (on the lowest setting). The first charge takes 4-6 hours.
  • Both toys are completely waterproof, and give the shower head a run for its money.
  • The Volta can get a bit noisy as you ramp up the power, while the Volita stays quiet.
  • The silicone is body safe, which is great, because we love our bodies! Keep them clean with silicone-safe cleaners.

Shop Volta here and Volita here

Tabitha Laffernis is a writer based in Sydney, Australia. Her short fiction has been published in Flapperhouse, Hobart, and Gigantic Sequins. You can keep tabs on her work here.

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