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by Par Femme

To celebrate all the wonderful women in our lives and the world this International Women's Day, we flicked through the archives to find life advice from 7 of the wisest women we know...

Euphemia Russell, Pleasure Educator
“Enjoy your body and take up space with your sexuality. Find people and communities and spaces that support and celebrate this. You don’t have to be modest to be respected by anyone.

“Own your sexuality. That doesn’t have to look a particular way, or be performative, outward, or supposedly slutty or kinky to be progressive and accepted. The most radical thing you can do is ask for what you need and want.”

Amrita Hepi, Dancer
“Being busy can be hard, and so too is being consistent. But it can also be a release. I guess the goal posts are always shifting a little bit depending on where you wanna set them. I think the most important thing beyond being busy, or getting things done, or being a boss or whatever is rigour. Maintaining a kind of integrity with what you’re doing can mean checking in beyond yourself with people you trust.”

Noelle Faulkner, Motoring Journalist
“Don’t. Ignore. Red. Flags. Also, U-N-D-E-R-T-H-I-N-K.”

Saire Maccani
“I have a dark sense of humour. My grammie had it and I have it. Not many people in Midwestern high school or uni got it, and not many people at my corporate job get it. I used to let it get me down, but coming into my mid-thirties, I don’t. That’s one of the best things about getting older. You love yourself more.”

Fiona MacDonald, Scientist
"I’m a firm believer in the ability to actively choose and create your own life story. Like, if you have a slightly disastrous holiday or date and focus on all the bad things and retell that story over and over again, it becomes cemented in your life history as a terrible experience. Whereas, if you reflect on it often as that hilarious trip where everything went wrong and you laugh about it, it becomes a fun and light anecdote—something that enriches your life."

Juliet Allen, Sexologist
"Yes [there’s things a woman can do to increase her libido]! Firstly, choose to eat organic food and avoid processed foods. Exercise regularly and have fun doing it. Drink lots of purified water—not tap water, because it's full of bad stuff. Add Maca root into your smoothies, or take it in a capsule. Maca is known as nature’s Viagra and is a superfood from the Amazon. I swear by it."

Emily Labowe, Model
“Kathleen Hanna is a pretty badass woman I look up to. As a female role model, she tells girls it’s okay to speak up, to say what’s on your mind, and to never be afraid in a room of men. “Girls to the front!”

For more quotes from wise women, turn your attention here.

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