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by Maddy Woon

If you're currently self-quarantining at home, you'll know that the days can be long and the number of tabs open on your laptop at any given moment is basically infinity. To give you a much-needed brain break, we’re asking our PF pals how they’re staying healthy and informed during isolation. The first cab off the rank is stylist Chloe Hill, who reminds us how powerful those small acts of kindness (to ourselves and others) can be.

Maddy Woon: When do you feel most alive?
Chloe Hill: When I'm home in New Zealand immersed in nature.

What have you discovered about yourself in the absence of socialising?
I'm actually quite an introvert.

What are some creative ways to stay connected during isolation?
My friend Victoria has been doing callouts for poems on Instagram, which is so cute. Reading those responses and seeing everyone getting involved warms my heart. I've also loved having DM conversations with people about books and random cooking ideas like DIY bread starter and homemade pasta. It's nice that so many people have the time to slow down and appreciate the simple things. 

Are you using this time to catch up on any to-do list items that you’ve neglected, both fun and admin-based? (If yes, please elaborate!)
TAX! I'm such a darn slacker and I always leave it way too late. I use Xero for my business taxes so it's pretty easy to reconcile those transactions. But for my personal accounts I use several different travel cards (for airline points which seems so pointless now ha). So I have this really haphazard strategy where I download every single bank statement and copy and paste all deductible transactions into Google Sheets. If anyone has a more efficient way of doing this please HELP ME.

Any advice for creatives who have had their jobs put on hold?
There are so many unknowns and it's virtually impossible to plan ahead so get on to things you can do in the here and now. Reduce your financial output to the minimum right away so you don't have unnecessary monetary strain. Cancel subscriptions you don't use and streamline the ones you do. So many companies are offering free online workouts and discounts or waived fees for a few months. Do your research and remember there's no harm in just asking. I contacted Adobe yesterday and they waived my account fees for photoshop for the next 3 months. All these little things will add up and hopefully reduce your stress levels so you can focus on paying rent and feeding yourself.

How are you staying happy and sane during self-isolation?
Daily pilates in my living room, dressing up in fun makeup and cute outfits just for me, and cooking wholesome meals three times a day.

What has the average day looked like for you this past week? Do you stick to a routine?
The only routine in my day is cooking each meal. I always start the day with a pot of porridge, I grate an apple in, and add LSA and cinnamon, and I find that gives me energy to get going. Then I sit at my laptop and insert a few to dos into my Google Cal to structure my day. Sometimes it's as simple as a reminder to exercise, email someone or post on Instagram. Other days when I'm ambitious it involves taxes, website updates and so on. 

At what point in the day do you get out of your PJs when WFH?
Straight away, even if just to put on a workout outfit. That makes me way more motivated and much more likely to actually get into living room pilates before midday!

How are you keeping your body and mind active during self-isolation?
I love taking a run or brisk walk around quiet backstreets each day, that definitely gives me a complete refresh. Then an online pilates class that involves getting my heart rate up and also some slower flow. Once I've done that I feel way more relaxed and focused so once I've done some work I can get right into a good book.

How are you consuming news? Do you think this is where we see the best of traditional media?
I don't get anxious reading the news so I allow myself to jump onThe Guardian orNYT a few times a day, I have also found myself switching on ABC news in the evening. I definitely don't believe everything I read but I'm very inquisitive and love facts and figures. 

Any tips for managing exposure to media coverage (while also staying informed and safe)?
I think if you feel negative or anxious when consuming news you should only allow yourself a 1 hour window a day to do this. Don't do it when you wake up or before you go to bed. Have a buddy you can chat things through with so you're not bottling up anxiety over what you're seeing.

What are some simple ways to show kindness during these times?
Be super nice to people in essential jobs. Be respectful of the 2-metre distancing rule and always give them a huge smile. And always wash your hands before you go near them. Couriers and supermarket cashiers really are on the front line so all the kindness you can give them will mean the world!

What three books are you reading right now?
I just finishedSuch a Fun Age (a great easy read!) andThe Idiot (ok but wouldn't be top of my list) and I'm about to startI Love Dick.

Top 5 songs on your playlist at the moment?
I've just been putting on Apple Music Playlists. Currently listening to Hip Hop Hits.

What form does your procrastination generally take?
Scrolling through Instagram. Because of this I've actually taken to switching off my phone on the weekend and not allowing myself to turn it back on until I've finished a book!

What is the first thing you'll do once life goes back to ~normal~?
Fly to NZ to see my family and work with the amazing creatives I was supposed to be shooting with this month! I'm itching to get styling again.

Follow Chloe on Instagram at @chloechill.
Chloe wears the Par Femme Ruched Singlet.

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