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by Par Femme

In honour of all the strong, resilient, talented women in our lives and in the world, we asked some of our favourites what it means to be a woman this International Women's Day.

Sophia Roe, Beauty and Wellness Advocate
“Being a woman, to me, means supporting other women on their journeys. We all come in different shapes and sizes, from different walks of life and backgrounds, yet still the common ground amongst us all is that we are women! Supporting each other is the most important aspect of being a woman. Building visions of strength for the future, shedding light on each other, protecting each other, and believing in one another is, to me, what it means to be a woman."

Rachel Cuccia, Photographer
“To be a woman is to be everything. We can take on the infinite. But the very first thing I think of when asked what it means to be a woman is to be the protector. I feel it is our responsibility to protect each other. This is an extension of what I learned from having only sisters growing up. It is us against the world."

Ashley Helvey, Senior Art Director at The Line and Assembled Brands
“Being a woman today means thinking like a man and acting like a human. It’s time for women to be the change we want to see and to stop believing in anything different."

Alexa Coe, Artist
“It feels odd to have just one day that celebrates womanhood, for it should be all days. But I suppose it’s more a reminder that, however much we have started to alter the path for many women across the world, there is still so far to go. Some further than others. But until there is liberation for all, we will need March 8th."

Ilkin Kurt, Buyer, EAST43
"Being a woman is not about having a vagina, period bleeding, childbirth, or having boobs. It is none of that to me. It is just being a human, really, with some extra bullet points. We have a natural capacity to nurture, love, and care. We are intelligent, and that’s very sexy. Women have this amazing self-control. They can build an empire if they want to. We can reflect our thoughts with our soul and tenderness. The ability to show what we feel is our forte, if we know how to use it. Funnily enough, last year, around this time, I happened to see the Georgia O’Keeffe retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum, and this sentence has stuck with me since then: ‘I feel there is something unexplored about woman that only a woman can explore.’ Says it all."

Cara Stricker, Director
“It’s the unspoken understanding and shared earth cycles that ground us together. This common truth and intuition that is inexplicable. Women amaze me, their strength and magical form."

Amelia Zadro, Model
“For me,
Right now,
Being a woman means to feel the fullness of life flow through my body,
To honour the natural cycles of my body that so beautifully reflect nature.

Being a woman means honouring my deep sensitivity, my receptivity, and feeling empowered in these qualities.

Being a woman means to surrender to the ever-changing nature of life and of myself, and embracing every face of myself that comes through.

Being a woman means to courageously choose to see myself, hold myself, accept myself, love myself
Through all of the phases,
And to keep learning to speak my truth and to allow others to see me in my raw, messy, wild, chaotic beauty.
In the fullness of me
In this woman’s body."

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