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by Par Femme

Pluck a clever, peripherally observant, and beautiful woman from the world. Literally any part of the world—far or near, rich or rare, physical or internet. A skyward follower count is not a determinant for selection. Ask her a set of questions that invite a discussion of sexuality, sensuality, modern feminism, career, and creativity, explored through her very personal lens. Have her answer them. And there you have it: that’s In Touch, a Par Femme segment, assembled, for you, with pleasure. This week, we chat to the multitalented being that is Kristin Gallegos. We'll let her introduce herself:

You’re a photographer, makeup artist, creative director, and DJ. Have I missed anything?

I’m a bit of a one-woman show! Aside from all of that, I’ve also started doing some casting on the side, and on most of my shoots, aside from shooting and creative directing, I also style and do the beauty! I don’t really do makeup anymore, aside from on my own shoots. I’ll occasionally pick up a job here or there and work for friends. I did makeup for a long time, but have been focusing on photography full-time for about two years now.

How do you manage it all?
It can definitely be a lot to manage! I’m the type of person who always likes to be busy and doing something. I love everything that I do, too. It definitely keeps things interesting and I’m rarely bored. I somehow manage to balance it all. On my shoots, I love being able to have full creative control. Since I can do everything, why not?! Not many people have my background and also shoot, so I feel like it works to my advantage. And it’s fun!

What do you like to do in your alone time?
I really value my alone time. I live by myself and have for a long time, which I prefer. I have to be very social for a big chunk of my time, so it’s really nice to decompress at home and read a book, listen to music, or watch TV. I’m a bit of a TV addict. I also stay up quite late, and I find I’m the most creative alone at night, so I like to brainstorm and come up with ideas.

What’s your approach to self-care? Is it important to you?
I’m a bit of a junk food junkie, to be honest, but over the years I’ve tried to incorporate healthy eating habits and lessen my junk food intake. I take really good care of my skin. I have a crazy routine, and I used to be a ballet dancer growing up, until I was about 17, so I’ve always been able to stay in shape somehow, even though I don’t work out much. Muscle memory is amazing—I always bounce back quickly! My goal is to eat more healthily and to work out more, though. I have a hard time motivating [myself] for that! But I do think self-care is important, and whatever you need to do to feel good, mentally and physically, is so personal.

Are there any qualities or features about yourself—personal, emotional, physical, or otherwise—you once disliked that you now embrace?
I think everyone has things about themselves they don’t like. I used to hate my nose. I have a very strong nose, and growing up in Southern California was hard for me in my teen years. I had a serious boyfriend from age 18-23 who loved it and really helped me to get over it. I learned to embrace everything that was different about me and to become super comfortable in my own skin. I got really confident during those years, and I actually don’t mind my nose at all now that I have fully embraced it.

What do you love most about your body?
I guess I would have to say my legs! As I mentioned, I grew up doing classical ballet, so even though I'm not as rail-thin as I was as a dancer. I feel like my legs have always kept a nice shape. I love to wear mini skirts and dresses a lot, and I am never seen not wearing platforms or a pretty high-heeled boot or shoe, to make them look even longer!

When do you feel most sexy?
I feel most sexy when I’m in my best threads and my hair and makeup are on point. I never really dress down, but I have levels of dressing up for sure. I never leave the house without my hair and makeup done. I also enjoy nice lingerie from time to time. And, of course, when my body is in its best shape!

How important is sex to you? Why/why not?
Sex is very important to me. I’m a very sexual person. If sex with someone isn’t amazing, then I don’t think a relationship could ever really work out. I think it’s pretty crucial. I personally think having a lot of sex helps my mood and wellbeing.

What are some things, tangible or intangible, you find sexy?
I find humor and intelligence really sexy. I need good conversation and lots of things in common with someone to be attracted to them fully. I also like someone who can make me laugh and doesn’t mind being silly. I don’t take myself too seriously, but I’m also partial to someone with great style. That really turns me on. As for physical attributes, I find good abs and arms really sexy. And let’s not forget a nice set of lips!

What do you love most about photographing women?
Women are such beautiful and amazing creatures. I tend to mostly shoot my friends and friends of friends, so it’s always a lot of fun just to hang and create together. I use inspiring ladies who are also doing amazing things. I only shoot people who inspire me and have a certain vibe. It’s important for the specific aesthetic of my work.

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