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by Par Femme

Pluck a clever, peripherally observant, and beautiful woman from the world. Literally any part of the world—far or near, rich or rare, physical or internet. A skyward follower count is not a determinant for selection. Ask her a set of questions that invite a discussion of sexuality, sensuality, modern feminism, career, and creativity, explored through her very personal lens. Have her answer them. And there you have it: that’s In Touch, a Par Femme segment, assembled, for you, with pleasure. This time, we speak with model and embroidery maven Emily Labowe about pheromones, lingerie, and having her neck kissed. 

How do you spend your time? 
When I’m not shooting, I spend some of my time embroidering or thinking up new designs. I’ve been really into mastering desserts this summer. I just made my first peach cobbler, and I’m obsessed with making this vegan, gluten-free chocolate chip banana bread. Going to the grocery store and the farmers market might be my favorite activities. I love being outside, too. I spend most of my time at home, outside on my patio.

How do you keep your mind stimulated?
I like to read. I’ve started five different books at the same time! Embroidery also helps stimulate my mind. I like focusing on detail-oriented pieces. I also recently downloaded a coding app—since they’re teaching it to kids in elementary school, I thought I better learn myself… and it’s harder than it seems! 

And your body? 
I do Pilates for exercise. It makes both my mind and body feel at peace when I’m stressed or feeling antsy. 

It’s 10 am but 🍊🍾

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Particular humans aside, what are some things, tangible or intangible, you find sexy? 
Passion fruit, intelligence, humor, ears, tanning oil, uni, a bare chest, peonies, the silhouette of a nude woman, mint, being read to out loud. 

Do you have a favourite sensual scene from a film or book? 
One of my favorites is the scene in Blue Valentine where [Ryan] Gosling’s character is going down on Michelle Williams while she lays on the bed. 

How important is self-care to you? What’s your approach? 
Self-care is a very broad umbrella of things one can do for oneself. I think it’s very important, and also varies from person to person. For me, spending time connecting with my friends and family is really important, and helps me feel grounded emotionally. Doing things I love during the week for myself—and not for work or to make other people happy—is another part of my self-care [approach]. And caring for my body by eating healthy local food. I don’t eat meat, and I try to minimize my seafood intake. I struggle with drinking enough water, so that’s something I always try to do more. Loving my body every day, even when I feel bloated or not myself. 

Are there any qualities or features about yourself—personality, emotional, physical, or otherwise—you once disliked that you now embrace? 
I was in a bad car accident six years ago, when I was eighteen. I had to have multiple surgeries on my right arm over about a month-long period in the hospital. I had to get a huge plate put in my arm, with eight screws, and I have a skin graft on the inner side of my arm as well as two scars on the back of my arm. I was so embarrassed by the scar for the first year or so—I would only wear long sleeves, or I’d cover it up with a bandage. I remember saying I would never show my arm again. I was so ashamed. Thinking back on those thoughts now, I feel silly! Now I love my scars—they’re one of my favorite [things] about me. My skin graft has an interesting texture to it, almost like scales. More importantly, I am so grateful to have the use of my arm, with full mobility and range. Scars tell a story—they are beautiful, unique, and sexy. They make you who you are: a fighter, a beautiful woman, an empathic human. 

What do you appreciate most about your body? 
I would have to say my arm and my scar. Not only do I love the shapes of my scars on my arm, but they remind me to be grateful for my life and my health every day. 

When do you feel most sexy? 
In my underwear in the morning or the afternoon, roaming around my house. 

What’s a good uniform for seduction? 
A matching lingerie set. To be honest, I bought my first one only a few weeks ago from Lonely, and I instantly feel sexy when I put it on. 

How important is sex to you? Why/why not? 
Sex is really important to me. I don’t think it’s the most important part of a relationship, but it definitely carries weight. For me, a healthy sex life means I feel happier and relaxed. It’s the best medicine. Not only does it bring you emotionally and physically closer to your partner, but you’re also doing wonders for your own body and mind on a personal level. Sex shouldn’t be just to please your partner, either. It should be [for your] personal desire, and is an exciting time to learn more about your body and what pleases you.

Me and my butt will be in Europe tomorrow! 🤠

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What’s your idea of pleasure? 
Having my ears and neck kissed, fig yogurt, an Aperol Spritz, the beach in Maui, a massage, white cotton pajamas, a pink sunset, being with someone I love. 

Who are some women you look up to? 
I look up to my mom mostly. She’s one of my best friends. She’s such an outstanding mother, a leader, a doctor, a philanthropist, a great listener, a wife, a daughter, an amazing piano player, a cancer survivor, the best cook, a dog lover, one of the most empathic, strong, stunning, and loving humans on this planet. The list goes on. She’s really a person I strive to be like, and she has always supported me through my ups, downs, and decisions, and has guided me with advice when I’ve needed it. Kathleen Hanna is a pretty badass woman I look up to, too. As a female role model, she tells girls it’s okay to speak up, to say what’s on your mind, and to never be afraid in a room of men. “Girls to the front!”

Can a scent be sexy? Is there a particular scent you find endearing? 
Most definitely! Scent turns me on the most. When I’m with a partner I’m attracted to, the natural scent of their sweat and pheromones is so sexy. There are certain scents I’ve attached to times in my life or particular people, like sandalwood, eucalyptus, and rose water. 

What’s your party trick? 
Awkward one-liners and dad jokes.

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