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by Maddy Woon

Pluck a clever, peripherally observant, and beautiful woman from the world. Literally any part of the world—far or near, rich or rare, physical or internet. A skyward follower count is not a determinant for selection. Ask her a set of questions that invite a discussion of sexuality, sensuality, modern feminism, career, and creativity, explored through her very personal lens. Have her answer them. And there you have it: that’s In Touch, a Par Femme segment, assembled, for you, with pleasure. This week, we chat to Amsterdam-based creative and founder of this is CURRATED, Sabrina Meijer about making your dreams a reality, the books that have shaped her, and the joy of logging off and taking a walk. 

Hi! Can you give us the Sabrina Meijer elevator pitch?
Hi! I’m Sabrina Meijer, a 31-year-old online creative living in Amsterdam. I’m a photographer, but in June, 2019 I launched my womenswear brand called this is CURRATED. I work with small drops in small quantities, adding just a few pieces at a time, to mirror the way I approach my own personal wardrobe. It’s something I’ve always dreamt of doing and I LOOOVE every aspect of it.

What are you most curious about in life?
To see myself and my loved ones never stop evolving.

How do you keep your mind stimulated?
Recently, I’ve been really getting back into reading a whole lot more—it’s a good way for me to zone out for a bit. In a world where everything is so online-focused, especially with my work forcing me to be online for at least a few hours a day, it’s very necessary to zone out for a bit. Two recent faves of mine were Three Women by Lisa Taddeo and Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney.

When are you happiest?
I feel like I’m happiest when everything falls into place. I’m actually very happy now, I recently fell very much in love AND am making my little girl's dream of having my own brand come to life one tiny step at a time.

Is self-care important to you? If so, what does it look like?
YES! It looks like: being offline for a full day every now and then, working out 3-4 times a week, eating healthy (mostly vegan), and keeping on smiling.

Any tips for staying self-motivated as a freelancer?
Keep your phone out of the bedroom. Set office hours, but don’t be too strict about it—inspirational wander offs are just as important! Set little and big goals and celebrate each and every single one of them. 

How do you spend your time outside of work?
Disconnecting from the internet (even switching off my phone some days), taking a lot of walks, buying fresh produce at the market, browsing through vintage, spending time with friends and probably emptying and reorganising one or two drawers (I’m quite obsessive when it comes to organising, so I’m organising at least one drawer or cabinet every week—it’s annoying, but also very satisfying).

What book(/s) have had the most profound impact on you?
This is sort of a cliché answer, but I’ve recently finally finished The Power of Now by  Eckhart Tolle and it definitely did something for me; helping me find my ‘inner peace’, and not always wanting more, or bigger and better in EVERYTHING in life, and just being more present in the now.

Are female friendships especially important to you?
Yes, of course! There’s no friendship like a female friendship. I especially love the way we communicate with one another, whether it’s with or without words.

Who are some women you admire?
My closest girlfriends all definitely make it to this list, for how they’ve built their lives into something they love waking up to every single day. And, for how they juggle a busy social life and work balance.

How do you think we can best make use of our time on Earth?
Follow your heart and be smart about it.

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Words to live by:
It takes a fire to make a fire.

With thanks to Sabrina Meijer.

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