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Frenchie's Beret Condoms have just landed at Par Femme, but there's a lot you likely don't know about the gauzy, rubbery sheath that both protects your genitals and halts the (unsolicited!) mix of bodily fluids during sexual activity. 

From common condom conundrums to the evolution of the "Frenchie" (its age-old colloquialism), Certified Sex Coach Georgia Grace answers all your condom questions and separates fact from fiction when it comes to one of the most widely-used and effective forms of contraception.

When I ask my clients how they feel about condoms — I’m often met with stories of first time mishaps, a distaste for the quality of the product or an ambivalence towards them, ‘I never have them on me so I just go without’.

And whilst I champion — ‘your body your choice’, there is great value in changing the way we view and use condoms  because believe it or not, condoms have changed! It’s 2021 and there are some serious innovations in our sexual wellness products.

There’s also a lot more to choosing the perfect condom than you might expect. So I want to share information I tell with my clients so you can make an informed decision about the condoms you use.

What Are Condoms Made Of?
If you have a sensitive stomach, maybe you should skip this part...Many mainstream condoms are made from lambskin, polyurethane, and other synthetic materials. Some contain numbing agents like benzocaine and lidocaine in a condom (which aren’t required to be listed on the label), it’s also possible to run into animal products like casein, a protein byproduct of cow or goat milk, that is used to make a condom smooth.

If you’re a bit freaked out by all the animal product chat, I’ve got the perfect alternative for you. Frenchie condoms are made with 100% natural rubber latex and vegan friendly with no nasty synthetic ingredients therefore means no bad odour or taste. They are also completely transparent regarding what’s in their condoms, so you can check out the ingredients list on their site - no nasty’s in sight!

Are Vegan Condoms safe?
I find people scoff when I tell them not all condoms are vegan. I’ve noticed there’s an assumption that condoms should be vegan — but as we’ve discovered, many aren't. Vegan condoms are a reliable, healthy, and safe option that live up to the same standards as their non-vegan counterparts. When you opt for vegan condoms you’re not only engaging in safe sex practices, but you’re also protecting your body from harmful ingredients and chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your insides.

And no, you don’t have to be vegan to use them.

Should I use a specific type of lube?
This one is important! When having sex with condoms you should always use a water-based lube, as other types can break down the condom. Water-based lube is your safest bet to start with. It can be used for all of your sexual needs: solo sex, penetrative sex, and sex toy play. Water-based lubes are also ideal for people with sensitive skin or vaginal irritation, and can be used with condoms and sex toys. They are also really easy to clean out of sheets and clothes, and won’t leave a stain.

***A quick note on lube: Lube is always a good idea. In working with hundreds of people each year, I have seen how this humble product can single handedly transform sex lives. Lube can be used to help make sex even more pleasurable, and it should be used every single time you explore foreplay, sex with toys, outercourse, penetrative sex, masturbation, genital massage and really anything you like - lube is designed for all persuasions and occasions.

Every body is different!
We all need and value different things, especially when it comes to our sexual wellness products. This uniqueness is what makes sex so exciting! When it comes to finding a condom (or any sex related products for that matter), do your research to find the perfect fit for you. Sure, it’s easy to do the last minute dash to the servo and grab a random box of condoms, but what if you’re picking up something that is going to do you more harm than good? We must take responsibility to research and invest in products that are transparent, inclusive of all human interests, safe to use and protect the environment along that journey.

Shop Frenchie's Beret Condom range ar Par Femme here.

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