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by Par Femme

The space next to our bed is arguably the most rarefied, elusive real estate in the home. From quotidian yet necessary objects to secret singular treasure, our bedside drawers house the things that are most important to us. Deeply personal objects that exist within an arm’s reach — in the intimate space only few are privy to, a spot that is both tremendous and tender all the same.

In partnership with Oz Hair & Beauty, we present a new series dedicated to this space: delving deep into the drawers of the Par Femme girl gang. From intimate tidbits to cult beauty go-to's, we unearth the pleasures and treasures stowed away in their sacred bedroom space.

To begin, we get beneath the sheets with beauty content creator Martha Kalifatidis...

Unapologetic in her pursuit of success and making her dreams a reality, Martha is proudly outspoken, candid and headstrong. A makeup artist turned TV star turned conduit of extreme beauty influence, she is utterly obsessed by all things beauty, with a particular interest in the science that surrounds skincare. 

With a realness that often pervades reality TV, Martha’s frank, forthright, self-deprecating approach has garnered her a following skyward of half of a million: all equally invested in the funny, fascinating yet strangely ordinary life of Martha K. 

But behind the scenes, she encompasses the modern female energy: fiery, ebullient, empathetic, wilful and unwavering — all with a ceaseless work ethic, biting opinion, strong moral compass and a mordant, crackling sense of humour. She uses her platform primarily in the name of beauty (her first love), but also to navigate cultural narratives, loudly and proudly rallying against societal — and often gendered — norms. 

Here, Par Femme jumps into bed with Martha as we find out her secret bedroom pleasures, her ritualistic approach to self-care and of course, the products she keeps closest...

What’s inside your bedside drawer? Talk us through your products and why they’re bedside essentials…
I have an obsession with pushing back my cuticles, so I always have nail oil, like Revitanail's Nourishing Oil, and a cuticle-pusher-downer in close reach. Strangely, this nail ritual is relaxing and helps me unwind before bed. I also always have a hand cream, a face oil, and both a body oil and a thicker body cream next to my bed. I'm currently obsessed with Vanessa Megan Bio-Omega Body Contouring Oil, and Weleda's Skin Food Body Butter for something a little more robust and heavy-duty. I've also got a rose quartz, a set Kegel Balls and my yia yia's watch. Oh, and a water-based lube, obviously! I like Pjur Med's Vegan Glide.

Do you have any tips you do with your bedroom stash?
I sit with my legs up against the wall and massage the oil in long, slow strokes towards my heart for lymphatic drainage.

Do you incorporate intimate wellness into your routine? And how?
I've been using Kegel Balls, which is a new practice I’m trying out, as who doesn't want a strong pelvic floor? Do you know what happens to us after childbirth?! I'm trying to be diligent and "workout" every day!

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What are your secret bedroom pleasures?
We love an oily massage…and Michael sometimes gets into character — Swedish accent and all! Haha, but I don't know if you’d consider that a bedroom “pleasure” per se?!

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Do you practise “self-care”? And what rituals do you believe are important in self-care?
I can safely say I overindulge in self-care. I’m not ashamed of it, I think self-care is a fantastic way to remind yourself that you love yourself, a way to reward your body for working so hard for you. It could be anything really, from internal to external. Let me inspire you with my little (or rather large!) list, which includes:
- Supplements
- Eating dark leafy greens daily
- Exercise, mainly booty and core workouts if I'm being honest
- Pelvic floor with Kegel Balls
- Salt body scrubs
- Body oils
- Face mask
- Hair masks
- Burning candles
- Essential oil diffusers
- Drinking litres and litres of water
- Clean sheets
- Stretching

What’s your nighttime / wind down routine?
Either painting my nails or having a natural red wine with a square of 90% dark chocolate. Ugh, bliss!

Do you read in bed, if so what?
Yes, all sorts of things, but mostly clinical trials and studies on skincare and ingredients. I'm also obsessed with nutrition so I love to read up about that area of study. My friends always say I know the most random (and unimportant facts).

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What’s the last thing you do before bed / sleep? (Has this changed regarding use of technology, etc)

Makeout, take a sip of water, lip balm and I’m off...zzzz…

What’s the last you think about before you go to sleep....
Everything. Literally every great idea comes to me as soon as I get into bed. I yell out notes to Alexa and have her remind me in the morning, then I decide whether I’m a genius or an idiot!

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Choose one!
PJs or naked? Oversized tee, always.
Lights on or off? Offfff!
Late night snack or nothing? Unfortunately, I’m a drill sergeant about late night snacks…unless I’m a little drunk that is...
Shower before bed or no? Always!


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Imagery and interview by Chrisanthi Kaliviotis.

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